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07 July 2009 @ 09:30 pm
FF: Can't Look Away (1/1)  
Title: Can't Look Away
Author: caitrin
Genre: Stream-of-consciousness
Rating: G
Characters: Jordan McDeere
Pairing: Danny/Jordan
Disclaimer: These characters are not mine.
Timeline: A few weeks into Danny and Matt running the show.

Jordan McDeere leaned against the railing outside Matt's office, watching the hustle and bustle of her cast and crew below. No, she silently corrected herself. No matter what her fellow network executives thought, these people weren't hers. They were their own, and the show was theirs, and they were generously trusting her with its future – at least for now. Her biggest fear wasn't really about her job security or Jack and the suits. It was that she would end up having to disappoint Matt and Danny and Cal, Harriet and Simon and Tom and the rest of these amazing professionals.

As she watched them work, her gaze kept returning to Danny. Matt was the loud one, the visible one, but Danny was the one who fascinated Jordan. As the actors and writers and production crew rushed around the studio, Danny sat in the middle of it all, the calm point in the storm. He kept Matt sane, kept the cast calm, kept the crew focused. Jordan knew that Danny quietly battled his own demons, but he seemed to keep them away from the show and the people he loved. It was becoming clear to her that he was the rock at the center of this new Studio 60.

Jordan shook her head, annoyed with herself. She wasn't looking for a moral center. And she definitely wasn't looking for a man, especially not now that the rest of her life had all but imploded. But as Danny went about his job in the studio below, Jordan realized that she couldn't look away.