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31 August 2009 @ 02:30 pm
There's a September Fic Battle starting!! All fandoms welcomed.

1. You comment on this threat ( http://vakair-dar.livejournal.com/48341.html ) with a link to your Fic Battle LJ Entry. This Entry shall estate what you write about - fandoms, ratings, characters, genre, likes, dislikes, etc. You can also reply to that threat with your info, whatever works for you.

2. In your LJ Entry, people can comment, leaving you bunnies - it can be specific for a fandom/character, or just a general thought. Everybody can post as many bunnies as they want, but there's a limit of no more than one every two hours. If you don't wanna write, that's okay, you can still bunnie.

3. When you're done writing a fic for an especific bunnie, you reply to that comment with the fic itself or a link to it.

4. You don't have to use all the bunnies you're given.

5. The batle will run form September 1st to September 30th. Then, we all count our works and post our results. The one that wrote more fics is the winner.

To bunnie me, go here: http://annievh.livejournal.com/21741.html